Renault India introduces MY21 TRIBER with a host of new and enhanced features

26-04-2021 Mon 14:05

  • The super spacious and ultra-modular Renault TRIBER is a key model for Renault in India with more than 75,000 happy customers
  • Launches the All-New MY21 TRIBER at INR 5.30 Lakhs 
  • The all-new Renault TRIBER becomes more flexible and more attractive with new look & new features -
    1. Steering Wheel Mounted Audio & Phone Controls
    2. Driver Seat Height Adjust
    3. Best In Segment Dual Tone Exteriors across all colour options
    4. New Exterior Body Colour – Cedar Brown
    5. LED Turn Indicator On ORVMs
  • Renault TRIBER EASY-R AMT launched last year has further strengthened the key USPs of TRIBER, making it the most affordable AMT in its segment
  • Renault TRIBER has struck a strong chord with customers owing to its outstanding quality, modularity, attractive design & modern features with superior value packaging
Hyderabad, April 26, 2021: Staying true to its commitment to keep building on the success of TRIBER with breakthrough product innovations, Renault India launched the all-new Renault TRIBER MY21 at an attractive and unmatched starting price of INR 5.30 Lakhs. Launched in August 2019, Renault TRIBER is a super-spacious, ultra-modular vehicle and has been a game-changing product for Renault in India with more than 75,000 happy customers.
An outcome of a joint project between Renault teams in India and France, Renault TRIBER was specifically designed keeping in mind opportunities for innovative products in the Indian market. Renault TRIBER offers an unmatched value proposition to customers looking at a less than 4-meter car. The addition of EASY-R AMT option last year has further enhanced the USPs of TRIBER being a Flexible, Attractive & Affordable offering.
The all-new TRIBER MY21 with new advanced features is a breakthrough product in terms of innovation and modernity, providing more value and making it even more Flexible, more Attractive, and yet Affordable. Offering enhanced passenger comfort, the Renault TRIBER will now come with Steering Wheel Mounted Audio & Phone Controls along with Driver Seat Height Adjust feature, adding to the flexibility of the car. Accentuating the attractiveness of the car, the all new TRIBER will have Dual Tone Exteriors across all colour options, a new body colour – Cedar Brown and LED Turn indicator on ORVMs. In terms of practicality and affordability, Renault
TRIBER has the most affordable AMT in its segment with low cost of maintenance and offering more value for money to its customers.
Renault TRIBER is an attractively designed, sturdy and versatile vehicle which also achieves the feat of accommodating one to seven adults in comfort in less than 4 meters. Renault TRIBER is the result of a complete analysis of customers’ expectations in India which offers unbeatable flexibility. Renault TRIBER offers the best level seating space in all rows and offers 625L boot space - the largest boot capacity of its category, in five-seater configuration. Renault TRIBER is built with best level safety features including its class leading offering of 4 airbags.
Renault TRIBER has already established itself as a successful product and has seen tremendous acceptance amongst a wide set of car buyers. Renault has commenced the exports of TRIBER to South Africa and the SAARC region and aims to expand the exports of TRIBER to other parts of Africa and the SAARC region, alongside growing the TRIBER family in India.
Renault TRIBER MY21 can be booked online at, My Renault App or at a Renault authorized dealership by paying a token amount of INR 11,000. Renault TRIBER will be listed on the CSC Grameen eStore and made available to the potential customers in hinterlands through aspirational Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs).
The all-new Renault TRIBER MY21 will be offered in four trims – RXE, RXL, RXT & RXZ with both MT and Easy-R AMT options. Each version is built keeping in view the customer requirements and needs in the segment and has been attractively priced across all trims.
Renault TRIBER MY21 will be available in five attractive colours – Metal Mustard, Electric Blue, Moonlight Silver, Ice Cool White and Cedar Brown with dual tone options across all body colours on the RXZ version.
2021 Renault TRIBER prices (All Prices in INR Lakhs, All India One Price)
VariantMTEasy-R AMT
Dual Tone pricing additional: INR 17,000 (available on all exterior body colours on RXZ version)

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