Female Cheetah Sasha passes away at Kuno National Park

Madhya Pradesh: In a tragic turn of events, a female cheetah named Sasha has passed away at India's Kuno National Park. The four-and-a-half-year-old feline was one of the eight cheetahs that were brought to the park from Namibia last year as part of a conservation initiative to reintroduce cheetahs to India.

According to forest officials, Sasha had been unwell since her arrival in India, and her health had been a cause of concern for the park authorities. Recently, she was taken back to a quarantine enclosure at KNP for treatment. However, despite the best efforts of the veterinarians, Sasha could not be saved and passed away due to a kidney problem.

Sasha's creatinine level, which is an indicator of kidney function, was found to be above 400, indicating poor kidney function, which led to her death. Her untimely demise is a significant setback to the conservation initiative aimed at bringing cheetahs back to India.

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