Taraka Ratna's wife pens emotional post sharing struggles after marriage

The demise of Taraka Ratna leave everyone in sorrow and his wife Alekhya Reddy got depressed after his death. A couple of hours ago, Taraka Ratna's wife penned an emotional note sharing their struggles after marriage.

She shared a pic and penned an emotional note "It's been exactly a month since you left us, but the memories of you are sooo fresh in my mind.. We met, we became best friends, we started dating, though i was sooo unsure of our relationship, you were soo confident to start a new chapter of our life..you fought battles from that very decision.."

She further wrote as "we got married, there was chaos, we got discriminated, but we still survived and were happy with just you and i to this day and forward.. life changed after nishkamma, our joy doubled, but the suffering stil existed.. we took each day at a time, turned a blind eye to the hate, and continued to stay sane..2019 our surprise arrived, the twins…I still remember, you always wanted a big family and missed yours so made a beautiful one for us.. through all these years, the struggle was real till the end…nobody could understand nor see the pain you were carrying in your heart, coz sometimes it kills when we are hurt by our very own.."

She mentioned as "I couldn't help you through the brunt you faced.. only people who stood by us from the start stayed til the very end, but the ones we lost, were long gone, and could never find you even on your grave.. you are our real hero obu.. we as a family are proud of you and to have this journey with you even for this short period hope we meet again somewhere where there is peace, sanity and happiness. #tarakratna #balayya #balayyababu."

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