Brother And Other Students Reveal Likely Cause Of Sri Chaitanya College Student Committing S*icide

A tragic incident occurred at Sri Chaitanya Junior College in Narsingi, Ranga Reddy district of Telangana, where a 16-year-old student identified as Satwik, allegedly died by s*icide on Wednesday. According to reports, Satwik hanged himself in the classroom after study hours due to stress, harassment, and physical abuse by the college authorities.

Fellow students who spoke to the media have alleged that the management of Sri Chaitanya Junior College is very harsh towards students, and claimed they constantly face pressure from them. They further revealed that after the incident, the management instructed all students to leave the campus immediately and not disclose anything.

Satwik's brother has also come forward with shocking allegations against the college, claiming that their father met with Satwik before the incident and he claimed that his brother was insulted in the classroom. Additionally, he has accused the vice principal of stopping him and his brother outside the college for not paying the full fee at once. He has further alleged that the management did not intervene when Satwik took the drastic step.

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