Dubai again plans for flying taxi takeoff, this time by 2026

Dubai is once again making plans to launch flying taxis in the city by 2026. This idea has been talked about since 2017 and many different types of flying taxis and companies have been mentioned as potential providers over the years, often timed with Dubai's annual World Government Summit.

This time, Dubai's ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, made the announcement on Twitter about the renewed flying taxi program. The flying taxi that Dubai is promoting now is a six-rotor electric taxi made by Joby Aviation in Santa Cruz, California.

The introduction of flying taxis in Dubai would bring a new level of innovation and convenience to the city, which is already known for its iconic architecture and ambitious projects. The launch date of 2026 is still several years away, but the announcement has already created excitement and anticipation among residents and visitors alike.

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