Trapped and desperate for 101 hours: Student rescued from Earthquake rubble after sending WhatsApp plea

A 20-year-old student in Turkey was rescued from the rubble of a collapsed apartment building after he sent a desperate video plea for help on WhatsApp, in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that has claimed over 20,000 lives in Turkey and Syria.

The student recorded himself, pinned under the debris, with tears in his eyes, as he shared his location and begged for rescue in Turkish. "Please, whoever sees this WhatsApp status, come and help. Please, everyone come and rescue us now," he said in the video.

He was one of many people across the country who used social media platforms to call for assistance in the wake of the disaster. Thousands of people posted pleas for rescue on various social media sites.

One of the trapped individuals, who survived for over 101 hours, had to resort to drinking his own urine to quench his thirst. A newborn baby was also rescued from the rubble, and a doctor's wife used her own breast milk to save her life. These harrowing stories highlight the bravery and determination of the affected communities, as they cling to hope and survival in the face of such a devastating event.

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