LIVE : CM KCR Addressing the Press Conference at Nanded, Maharashtra

K Chandrashekhar Rao, the leader of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), has advertised the Telangana model of farmer welfare to farmers in Maharashtra and promised to implement similar policies across the country if BRS comes to power. He urged farmers in Maharashtra to get involved in writing laws as well as farming. KCR made these comments at BRS' first public meeting outside Telangana in Nanded, Maharashtra. He criticized the lack of progress in providing basic resources like drinking water and electricity to the people despite 75 years of independence and successive governments. The BRS party has put forward the theme of "Ab ki baar kisan sarkar" with a focus on farmer welfare.

KCR also pointed out that despite being one of the largest producers of food, Indian farmers are still facing numerous challenges and are not getting their due recognition. He stated that the BRS party is committed to improving the lives of farmers by providing them with 24/7 power supply and implementing Rythu Bima, a farmers' insurance scheme. KCR emphasized that the time has come for farmers to take control of their own fate and make a difference in the policies that impact their lives. He encouraged the farmers of Maharashtra to join the BRS party in its mission to create a better future for farmers across India.

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