After my father Devagowda, KCR is now my political father, says Kumaraswamy

JDS leader and former Chief Minister of Karnataka, HD Kumaraswamy, has debunked rumors of a feud with Telangana Chief Minister and BRS President, K Chandrashekhar Rao. At the Pancharatna Yatra event in Raichur, Kumaraswamy publicly acknowledged KCR's immense impact on his political career, second only to his father, Deve Gowda.

In his address, Kumaraswamy praised KCR's welfare and development programs, particularly highlighting the Kaleswaram Project which has brought significant benefits to farmers in 24 districts, and the mission Bhagiratha scheme which has ensured safe drinking water for the entire state of Telangana. He went on to express his intent to implement similar programs in Karnataka when his party comes to power.

Kumaraswamy's show of support for KCR was joined by Telangana's Narayanpet BRS MLA, Rajender Reddy, further solidifying the two leaders' alliance.

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