Yuvagalam: Nara Lokesh reacts to a woman minister's wish to send him a saree and bangles

Kuppam: TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh addressed the Yuva Galam meeting organized at Kuppam on Friday. Without naming the woman minister, Lokesh said, "A woman minister said that she would send me sarees and bangles."

Nara Lokesh questioned whether the women who wear sarees and bangles are incapable of doing work. He criticized the woman minister for allegedly criticizing women. Lokesh also asked the minister to send him the sarees and bangles and stated that he would give them to his sisters and show respect by bowing down to their feet.

"Like your leader, I will not insult mother and sister," Nara Lokesh said. He also allegedly called Jagan Reddy as Jadoo Reddy and claimed that since he became the chief minister, he has snatched away women's money.

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