Live: Actor Ajay 'Open Heart With RK'- Full Episode

Senior actor Ajay asserted that his positive approach is what advances him in the film industry. After performing a lot of bad boy parts in movies, the actor stated in a program of "Open Heart With RK" that Vikramarkudu was one of his career-defining performances. In answer to a question, Ajay made some fascinating comments about the place of the husband in the home and the function of wives. The actor said that he entered the movie business with the belief that, because of his height, he would be given a chance.

While citing his own villain roles, Ajay asserted that several heroes these days take on the character of villains in movies. He described his travel to Nepal and the incident that taught him a lesson in response to a question. He has also spoken about working with Ashish Vidyarthi, a scene featuring a r*pe, and an injury he sustained while filming.

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