Minister Malla Reddy apologies for his alleged controversial comments

Telangana State Cabinet Minister Malla Reddy has recently made headlines for a number of different reasons. He recently experienced IT raids. The residences and offices of his institutions were the target of the raids. His remarks about where he began and where he ended up making headlines.
Malla Reddy ignited yet another significant issue with his remarks during the Orientation Day of his medical college, as if that weren't enough. Speaking to the pupils, he discussed how they should conduct themselves in order to succeed.

Malla Reddy stumbled over his words even though he had opened the lecture by encouraging the kids. The Minister claimed that if he had, the Reddy girl would have been attending Kitty parties and Picnics. Instead, he did not marry off his son to a Reddy girl. He said these things to demonstrate his annoyance with parents who take their kids on picnics.

However, his remarks offended a lot of people and caused a stir. Many claimed that he treated the community with disrespect and questioned how, given his strong standing as a Cabinet Minister, he could say such things.

In response to the criticism, Malla Reddy addressed the matter and issued an apology. The Telangana Minister of Labour and Employment claimed in a video that he has no desire to harm anyone and made the remarks in jest. He claimed that the remarks just flowed. He issued an unconditional apology at the end of the video, adding that he was sorry if his remarks had offended anyone and that he was offering an apology.

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