HIT 2 blockbuster promo 01- Nani, Adivi Sesh, Sailesh Kolanu

HIT: The Second Case, the second entry in the HIT series, had a successful opening weekend at the box office. Makers of the movie have released a blockbuster promo of the film.

According to market expert Vamsi Kaka, the Sailesh Kolanu-directed film starring Adivi Sesh debuted with Rs 11.27 crore at the global box office.

Adivi recognised on social media that this was his biggest opening of his career to date. This year, the actor appeared in the all-Indian film Major. "My Career Best Opening," he wrote. A #BloodyBlockbuster (sp), #HIT2 is.

The movie's debut weekend is predicted to surpass Rs 20 crore.

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