Senior actress L.Vijayalakshmi 'Open Heart With RK'- Full Episode

Actress L Vijayalakshmi acknowledged her thanks and good fortune for having acted in most of her films with the late NT Rama Rao. The seasoned actress revealed that one of her husband's greatest compliments was that she was the best dancer in the world in an interview with the programme "Open Heart With RK."

The senior actress responded to a question by saying that although today's performers may currently experience higher notoriety and financial success, they missed the opportunity to collaborate with the late senior actor NT Rama Rao. She explained how, in the past, actors and actresses used to dance in different ways.

When asked if anyone had ever proposed to her, the gifted actress revealed that her father was usually by her side.

Along with these, the veteran actress also shared some intriguing details about her career that were previously unknown.

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