TDP Leader Gouthu Sireesha reveals her love proposal in 'Open Heart With RK'- Promo

If her relatives, parents, and neighbours support her, she has the guts to face all the odds, according to TDP state general secretary and Palasa constituency in-charge Gautham Sirisha. The TDP leader criticised the conduct and political activities of AP Minister Appala Raju in Srikakulam district in an interview on the show "Open Heart With RK."

In response to a query, Ms. Sirisha criticised the leaders of the governing YSRCP for raising slogans against the Amaravati farmers' Mahapadayatra and hoped that Amaravati would continue to serve as the state's capital.

In response to a question about how she and her husband fell in love before being married, she said that she was the one who first proposed to him. She has also said some interesting things on marriage and the caste issue.

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