Massive Data Breach: Cyberabad Police Arrests Culprit Behind 66.9 Cr Data Theft

A man named Vinay Bhardwaj has been arrested by the Cyberabad Police for committing theft and selling personal and confidential data of 66.9 crore individuals and organisations from 24 states and 8 metropolitan cities. He had also obtained data of students from Byjus and Vedantu organisations, as well as data from 1.84 lakh cab users, 4.5 lakh salaried employees, and customers of various major organisations such as Amazon, Netflix, Paytm, and Zomato. Bhardwaj had set up an office in Faridabad and collected databases from Amer Sohail and Madan Gopal. He resold the data to fraudsters using social media platforms for profit.

The accused held consumer and customer data of numerous other organisations like GST, RTO, Instagram, Policy Bazaar, and Upstox. He was found to have personal and confidential data maintained in 104 categories.

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