Two Arrested In Warangal B.Tech Student Death Case

The suicide of a B-Tech student named Rakshitha in Warangal has sparked shock and outrage in the community, following the recent high-profile suicide of Dr Preethi. Reports suggest that the tragedy was triggered by the circulation of several of Rakshitha's photos on social media, which ultimately led to her taking her own life.

In response to this tragic incident, the police have taken two individuals, Jashwanth and Rahul, into custody. According to Rakshitha's father, his daughter was deeply distressed and felt helpless due to the alleged actions of these two men.

Rakshitha was a third-year student pursuing her studies in Jayamukhi Engineering College, Narsampet. She hailed from Bhupalpally and was the daughter of Sankarachari and Rama. The police were alerted to the incident and found Rakshitha's body hanging from a fan in her relatives' house in Warangal. Her body has since been moved to MGM Hospital for post mortem examination.

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