Clash in Hyderabad's Old City: AIMIM and BJP Workers at Loggerheads

On Thursday evening, a dispute between local workers of the BJP and AIMIM parties in Kalapather's old city resulted in mild tension. The issue arose after the BJP organized a road corner meeting at Mochi Colony near Kalapather police station, which allegedly provoked objections from AIMIM corporator Mohd Qader and party workers.

According to the BJP workers, AIMIM party workers prevented them from holding the meeting and even attacked them. As a result, the BJP workers staged a dharna outside the Kalapather police station, demanding action against the AIMIM local party workers. They also raised slogans, causing mild tension in the area.

To prevent any further escalation, senior police officials immediately rushed to the scene with additional forces. The BJP workers filed a complaint at the Kalapather police station.

The police have initiated an investigation into the matter and are examining the evidence and statements from both parties involved.

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