Nara Lokesh Visits Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple: Drone Visuals

:TDP national secretary Nara Lokesh continued his 4000km 'Yuvagalam' padayatra on Sunday with a visit to the historic Kanipakam Temple in Chittoor district. Upon arrival, he was greeted with enthusiastic applause from TDP activists, adding to the already high level of excitement surrounding his journey. The temple, believed to be over 1000 years old, was the perfect backdrop for Lokesh to offer prayers to Lord Varasiddi.

The Executive Officer of the temple, A.Venkatesh, and other officials warmly received Lokesh, presenting him with Prasadam and Seshavasthram, as well as a Vignesh photo, as a symbol of their gratitude. Drone footage capturing Lokesh's visit and offering of prayers at the temple has been widely distributed, further increasing public interest in his padayatra.

Nara Lokesh's journey continues to capture the attention of the public, with the temple visit being the latest highlight in his much-publicized journey.

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