Jana Sena party lacks clarity; it is not a political party, alleges Ambati

Ambati Rambabu, the minister for water resources, claimed that Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena party lacks clarity over its long-term political objectives. The senior YSRCP leader questioned Jana Sainiks and Veer Mahilas in a press conference on Wednesday, asking them what prompted them to start their protest and what it was intended to achieve. Pawan Kalyan is accused by Ambati Rambabu of lacking clarity regarding his party's alliance with other parties and of rarely making effective political decisions.

The AP Minister has claimed that Pawan Kalyan and his party leaders are not supporting their own party but pave the way for others. While mentioning about Amaravati Mahapadayatra and Jana Sena's Jana Vani event, Ambati has claimed that they are merely acting on Chandrababu's suggestions.

The Minister has questioned if Jana Sena will have the guts to run for 175 seats in the upcoming election. He also brought up the purported remarks made from time to time by Pawan Kalyan.

Ambati asserted that Jana Sena is not a political party as it lacks its own policies.

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