Etela Rajender condemns Assam CM incident; reacts to Guv remarks at KCR

Etela Rajender, a legislator for the BJP in Telangana, has denounced the actions of a TRS worker who attempted to obstruct Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma from speaking at the MJ Market Ganesh Utsav celebration on Friday. The Telangana Chief Minister KCR allegedly planned to disrupt the ceremony, according to a BJP MLA who spoke to the media.

According to the former Minister, the Chief Minister KCR is claimed to have conspired, hence it is not the Police's fault. He stated that the disrespect of the Chief Minister of another state is highly condemnable and the Telangana government should take the responsibility of such incident.

Etela said that CM KCR should keep in mind that he is also touring other states and might run into the same issue. The senior BJP leader characterised this incident as a cowardly gesture by the KCR-led Telangana administration.

The senior BJP leader and Huzurabad MLA responded to the Telangana Governor's criticisms at CM KCR on Thursday by defending the Governor's words and citing specific cases to support his arguments.

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