Bandla Ganesh praises Chandrababu Naidu

According to actor and director Bandla Ganesh, Hyderabad is the best city in India. Bandla Ganesh praised Chandrababu Naidu, the former chief minister, and his comments of during his government in an interview with TV5 Murthy. When praising Chandrababu Naidu for the growth of Hyderabad, Bandla Ganesh mentioned how one of his friends, Bobby, had praised Hyderabad and the ITC Hotel, where he had stayed, upon his arrival from Bangkok. He claimed that one can experience foreign atmosphere while living in Hyderabad.

According to the director, Hyderabad has become the city that practically all residents, regardless of caste, religion, or mother tongue, would like to call home. He also mentioned how Telugu has replaced Hindi as the primary language used by city dwellers, mainly in old city to communicate.

One of the chief minister's wives came to Hyderabad for treatment while ignoring other developed cities in India, Ganesh said. According to Bandla Ganesh, this alone shows how well-known Hyderabad is on a global scale.

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