Janhvi Kapoor gets trolled for saying 'Maths just makes you like retarded'

Bollywood stars have frequently faced trolls in response to their comments. And it appears that the frequency of trolling has increased with the emergence of social media these days. Now Janhvi Kapoor is the target of jokes after making one of her comments in a recent interview.

Math merely makes you retarded, according to Janhvi Kapoor, who is now busy using various platforms to promote her next film Good Luck Jerry.

I have never utilised algebra, therefore I don't know why I was putting in the effort. What was the point, exactly? On the other side, studying history and literature helps you become a more cultured person. Maths makes you like retarded.

As soon as the video began to circulate on social media, internet users began making fun of Janhvi Kapoor for her remark.

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