Naresh puts a gun before me, alleges Naresh's third estranged wife Ramya

01-07-2022 Fri 18:23

Ramya, the third estranged wife of prominent actor V.K. Naresh, claims that she was asked for the divorce after Naresh put a gun in front of her. When asked by TV9 media reporter virtually about her tense relationship with Naresh, she reacted by saying that his putting the gun in front of her symbolised his intention to harm her. Ramya said that the previous four years had been difficult at home.

In response to claims that she merely maintained her relationship with Naresh and his family for financial gain, Ramya has opened up and explained how she contacted senior actor Krishna for money to help her struggling business. She has described her struggles with money and her decision to pay the bank in accordance with the notice that was sent to her.

Ramya alleged, "I had multiple phone conversations with Naresh during which he insisted on getting his money back before continuing the conversation."

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