BJP's Godavari Garjana @ Rajahmundry- JP Nadda's speech

According to BJP national president JP Nadda, the people of Andhra Pradesh are ready to replace the YSRCP administration with a BJP government. J.P. Nadda was the chief guest at Rajahmundry's Godavari Garjana Sabha. He has chastised the state government for lacking fiscal discipline and misappropriating Center funds.

Nadda stated that the country was having many challenges in many aspects before to 2014, and that after the BJP came to power in the centre, led by PM Modi, many reforms were implemented, entirely changing the politics of kinship and legacy. He stated that Modi's political outlook had entirely changed and that actions had been taken to fight corruption in the country.

According to JP Nadda, several welfare projects are now being implemented throughout the country. He stated that India has become a more productive economy, with increasing foreign investment.

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