Viral video: Mahesh Babu stands in queue for 'Major' movie ticket; Niharika and Adivi Sesh joins promotional act

Mahesh Babu astonished everyone by standing in line for 'Major' movie tickets as part of the promotion. Mahesh Babu, the film's producer, collaborated with prominent youtuber Niharika Nm to develop a unique video. Adivi Sesh, a 'Major' film lead actor, also took part.

Niharika asks the man at the ticket counter in the video if it is a major movie line. When he replies yes, she goes to the front of the line. All those who follow her are in front of her. Adivi Sesh comes over and argues with him.

She is startled to see Superstar Mahesh Babu arrive later in the queue for tickets. Mahesh Babu then returns and asks Niharika whether he can also call his friends. Okay, she says. She then inquires for Mahesh Babu's phone number.

Meanwhile, Mahesh Babu fled the place, creating a comical scene. It is followed by the amusing act of Adivi Sesh and Niharika. The amusing video quickly went viral on the internet.

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