Enthusiasts of literary books and novels will reach Hyderabad book fair

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-The Book Fair is from 25th March- 2nd April at Next PREMIA MALL Lower ground floor (L1), Connected to Irrum Manzil Metro station.

March 26, 2023, Hyderabad- A Nine-day book fair has been organised in the city by Kitab Lovers, specializing in selling books at affordable costs. The Book-fair begins on (March 25th) at Next PREMIA MALL Lower ground floor (L1), Connected to Irrum Manzil Metro station. And will conclude on April 2nd.

The Nine-day event will feature over 10 lakh new and pre-loved books ranging from over 20 genres.
What makes Kitab Lovers book fair special is its innovative ‘LOAD THE BOX’ concept, wherein customers who visit the fair can make one-time payment for a box and fill the box with as many books as the box can hold. The boxes are available in three sizes ranging from Rs 1200 to Rs 3000.
Talking about the fair, Rahul pandey, founder of Kitab Lovers, said, “We are delighted to host the book fair in Hyderabad. This is our Fifth event in the city, and we are so happy to be back. Our book fair offers books at the most affordable costs and most importantly, serves a wide range of book readers. From toddlers to senior citizens, whether customers are into mystery, self-help, romance, or fiction, we have books for everyone.”
While talking about the book-reading habits of Indians, Rahul added, “Especially in the digital age that we live in today, the book-reading habit has declined drastically.  While the internet and social media offer us tremendous entertainment, they can never replace the wealth of knowledge that a good book can offer. We urge more people, especially parents to attend our book fair, just browse through the books we have on display, and see if you can fall in love with reading again.”

Since its inception in 2019, Kitab Lovers has hosted over 50 book fairs in 20 cities all over India.
Through its ‘Load the Box’ campaign, Kitab Lovers is on an ambitious mission: to make reading affordable and accessible for every Indian and spread the love and joy for reading all over the country. Competitions are also being organized at the book fair and the winners will be rewarded with free book boxes and discount vouchers. There will be a free reading corner where people can feel their mental and personal space while reading the book. In book fair, we are also offering separate section for newly launched titles, covering selected writers from all over the country

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