Governor Tamilisai celebrates Ugadi at Raj Bhavan

13-04-2021 Tue 17:27

  • Extends greetings to all the Telugu people
  • Gets the traditional Ugadi Pachadi prepared at her home
  • Treats the guests and Raj Bhavan pariwar members to traditional Ugadi dishes
  • Launches Nutritional Intervention for tribal people
  • Extends financial assistance to the nutritional intervention programme
  • Extends financial help to the self-employment trainees of Raj Bhavan pariwar
Hyderabad, April 13: Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan took part in the Ugadi celebrations at the Raj Bhavan, here, on Tuesday.

In true spirit of the Telugu New Year, the Governor got the traditional Ugadi Pachadi prepared at the Main House, the official residence of the Governor, and served the guests on the occasion.

Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan also took care to prepare the other traditional dishes made up of jaggery that are traditionally prepared to treat the Raj Bhavan pariwar members and a few guests.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor stated that she was blessed to get her wish fulfilled to celebrate the Telugu New Year, Plava naama Ugadi festival, at Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad, with the pariwar members and other guests.

“I hope, wish, and pray that the beginning of the Telugu New Year might also mark the beginning of the end of Covid-19 pandemic. I wish this Plava naama Ugadi help us sail through the pandemic and see its end,” she added.

The Governor extended her wishes to the people of Telangana and all the Telugu people living all over the world a very happy Ugadi and wished for a healthy, happy, and prosperous year ahead for all.

Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan said that the Plava Ugadi signifies the year of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Referring to her constitutional role as the Lt. Governor in Puducherry, where the President’s rule is in force, Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan stated that though the additional job demands more time there, I equally think of the well-being of Telangana people all the time.
“Whenever I speak for additional vaccines and additional supplies of Remdesivir injections, I equally give top priority to Telangana State. I am getting additional supplies of the same for Telangana and this gives me immense happiness,” she added.

Financial Aid for Nutritional Intervention for tribal people:
Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan extended a financial assistance of Rs 8.66 lakh from her discretionary grants towards the nutritional intervention programme for the benefit of the primitive tribal groups of people in the State.

The Governor handed over the cheque for the amount to the Indian Red Cross Society to coordinate the nutritional intervention programme to improve the nutritional status of the primitive tribal people in select districts of the State.

Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan also held a detailed review meeting with the representatives of the IRCS, doctors of the ESIC medical college, scientists of the National Institute of Nutrition and the officials of the TRIFED.

She reviewed the time-bound action plan to improve the nutritional status, livelihoods and other living conditions of the primitive tribal people.

Governor extends Rs 50,000 financial aid to self-employed women:

The Governor also extended a financial aid of Rs 50,000 from her discretionary grants towards the purchase of raw materials for handmade designs by women of Raj Bhavan pariwar.

Taking a look at their designs, Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan said that their designs were trend-setting and highly creative. “Many were asking about my trendy mask when I went to cast my vote in Tamil Nadu. I proudly said that this was the product of my Raj Bhavan Pariwar women,” she added.

The women of Raj Bhavan pariwar, as a part of an initiative by the Governor, were trained in hand made designs to promote the spirit of Atma Nirbhar Bharath and help women get financial independence.

Moved by the plight of one attendant, who suffered a paralytic stroke recently and is undergoing treatment, the Governor extended a financial assistance of Rs 25,000 to one Bhavani. The Governor handed over the cheque for the amount to Bhavani.

Earlier, Ameerpet Kanakadurga Temple Priests performed Ashirvachanam and blessed the Governor and her husband, eminent Nephrologist Dr. P. Soundararajan on the auspicious occasion of Telugu New Year day.

Secretary to Governor K. Surendra Mohan, advisors to Governor, Joint Secretaries, and other senior officials were present.

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