Acer launches Nitro 5 with 11th Gen Intel Core H-series Processors for ultraportable gaming

13-04-2021 Tue 16:46

  • Acer launches Nitro 5 with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series Processors for ultraportable gaming at Rs 69,999
• The New Nitro 5 comes with the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series processor designed for ultraportable high-performance gaming
• The laptop is available with brilliant 15.6-inch FHD IPS to display with 144Hz refresh and 3ms response
• This is paired with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1650 graphics card and upgradeable to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM for incredibly fast performance
• Priced at Rs 69,999, Nitro 5 allows users to enjoy AAA title games at an affordable price point and will be available from Acer exclusive stores, Acer online store, and Amazon

Hyderabad/Bengaluru, April 13, 2021: ACER, one of the leading global PC brands, today unveiled its newest gaming laptop Acer Nitro 5 powered by the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series processor designed for ultraportable gaming. The new Nitro 5 brings together Thin Bezel design, CoolBoost Technology, industry-leading CPU performance, immersive graphics, amazing AI acceleration, and best-in-class wired and wireless connectivity to help users focus, create, and connect at new levels.
The laptop features DTS: X® Ultra dual 2W speakers, delivers outstanding audio, powerful graphics performance with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics, blur-free gameplay with a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 3ms response time to make each experience superior. The best of all is the all-day battery life, feature best-in-class wireless, and wired connectivity with Thunderbolt™ 4 and Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX 1650i
Speaking on the occasion Mr. Sudhir Goel, Chief Business Officer, Acer India, stated, “Acer Nitro series gaming comes with a rich legacy of offering powerful gaming performance and latest technology and patented cooling technology at value price points. The latest Nitro 5 comes with latest 11th generation Intel Core H35 series gaming processors which offers truly outstanding performance for the price and shows our deep collaboration with Intel to deliver the best for Indian gamers.”
Rahul Malhotra, Director – Consumer Sales, Intel India said, “Intel’s new line of 11th Gen Intel Core H-series mobile processors deliver a powerful combination of mobility and enthusiast-level gaming. The demand for laptops that enable work, collaboration, creation and play in ultraportable form factors continues to grow. The Intel-powered Acer Nitro 5 packs responsiveness and performance in a sleek design that allows users to do everything from anywhere.”
Dominating Specs:
Control over the game world with the combined power of the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-11300H processor and NVIDIA® GeForce GTX™ graphics card. Nitro 5 allows gamers to configure their laptops for maximum speed and massive storage with two slots for M.2 PCIe SSDs, up to 2TB HDD, and up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM. 
Visual treat:
Acer’s latest Nitro 5 laptop allows users to explore games in greater detail with the brilliant 15.6-inch FHD IPS display. Gamers can Enjoy smooth, blur-free gameplay with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time with a screen-to-body ratio of 80% with narrow 7.02mm bezels. 
Cool under fire:
When heavy use requires an added boost, chill out with twin fans, Acer CoolBoost™ technology, and quad exhaust port design to keep the Nitro 5 cool under heavy load and get consistent performance.
The Key to Victory:
Users can add things with the 4-zone RGB keyboard and take command of the inner workings of the laptop via the dedicated NitroSense Key. WASD and arrow keys are also highlighted for quick location while the key response is immediate with a 1.6mm travel distance.
Breaking the Sound Barrier:
The new Nitro 5 features DTS: X® Ultra that delivers 3D spatial soundscape, allowing users to hear where their opponents are coming from with pinpoint precision. 
Master Your Play: 
The new Nitro 5 comes with Planet 9 access. Planet9 is an eSports platform unlike any other filled with a community of like-minded gamers, from aspiring eSports athletes to hardcore professionals. Gamers can learn from experienced coaches, meet and match up with gamers of similar skill, or even form their team.
Pricing and Availability:
Nitro 5 featuring the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series processor is available from Rs 69,999 on Acer Exclusive store, Acer Online Store and Amazon.

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