Multiple Shikaras overturned in Dal Lake, tourists safely rescued

Srinagar: In a shocking incident today, several shikaras, the traditional Kashmiri boats, capsized in Srinagar's picturesque Dal Lake due to powerful winds. The unexpected turn of events left tourists stranded and in distress, but the swift response of the Srinagar River Police averted a potential disaster, successfully rescuing a total of 20 individuals.

Eyewitnesses reported that the tranquil atmosphere of Dal Lake was abruptly disrupted when strong winds descended upon the area. The forceful gusts proved too much for the shikaras, causing them to lose balance and overturn, leaving the occupants vulnerable in the middle of the vast lake.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Srinagar River Police immediately sprung into action, launching a rescue operation to reach the stranded tourists. Mansha Singh, a police officer involved in the operation, explained, "The winds were exceptionally strong, leading to multiple shikaras capsizing. Fortunately, our teams were positioned nearby, enabling us to swiftly rescue as many as 20 tourists."

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