Tragedy Strikes as Water Pipeline Explodes in Assam: 1 Dead, 5 Injured

In a devastating incident, a water pipeline explosion in Kharguli, Guwahati, Assam, claimed the life of a woman and left five others injured. The explosion occurred unexpectedly, causing a sudden rush of water that resulted in extensive damage to the surrounding area. Over 50 houses and numerous vehicles were impacted by the incident.

The victim, identified as Sumitra Rabha, tragically lost her life in the accident. The injured individuals were swiftly rushed to a local hospital for medical treatment. Distraught by the incident, the victims voiced their concerns about the quality of the water pipelines and held the Japan International Corporation Authority, responsible for their construction, accountable. They demanded appropriate action against the authority and sought compensation for the damages inflicted upon them.

Officials from the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority responded to the situation, assuring the affected residents that the matter would be addressed promptly.

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