Mekapati Chandrashekar Reddy to address Udayagiri issue after hospitalization

Nellore: MLA Mekapati Chandrashekar Reddy, who was suspended from the YSRCP, has stated that he is currently unable to face any challenges and is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital due to his unstable health condition. In an interview with the media, Mekapati Chandrashekar Reddy claimed that he will address the Udayagiri issue once he has recovered and returned from the hospital. He expressed his belief that everything will be decided by God and that he has not wronged anyone.

According to sources, Mekapati Chandrashekar Reddy fell ill on Friday morning, with reports of abnormal changes in his sugar, blood pressure, and ECG levels. It may be recalled that on Thursday, the MLA had visited the bus stand centre and made challenges to the leaders of the YSRCP.

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