Building collapses in Qutbullapur during repair work

Hyderabad: In a shocking incident, an ancient building near the Rama temple in Cherukupally Colony of Qutbullapur division was destroyed while undergoing repairs for termite damage and dilapidated doors. The G Plus Two building had been sold and bought by a new owner just 15 days prior to the incident.

During the five-day repair process, workers felt vibrations inside the building and observed beetle activity, causing them to flee for safety. Later on, the building collapsed suddenly, fortunately without any occupants inside.

Locals reported that the building, being old, did not have proper pillars and beams and was already in a state of disrepair. The collapse caused debris to fall on two adjacent buildings, resulting in some damage to their structures. One person, Tanabai, was present at the scene and was taken to Haritha Hospital in Chintal after debris fell on her leg.

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