Chandrababu Speech at TDP Avirbhava Sabha - Live

The 41st formation meeting of TDP was not just any ordinary event. It was a historic moment that brought together members of the Telugu Desam Party at Nampally Exhibition Grounds in Hyderabad. The occasion was graced by TDP Chief, Chandrababu Naidu, who paid his respects to NTR's statue on the dais. With a symbolic gesture of lighting the lamp and unveiling the Telugu Desam Party flag, Chandrababu set the tone for what was to come.

In his address, Chandrababu reminded the audience that March 29 was a day that rewrote political history. He passionately spoke about NTR's vision to create a party for the Telugu nation, which earned him recognition and respect. He recounted how NTR's decision to form the party was made immediately after hearing about the MLA quarters meeting, where everyone agreed on the need to do something for the Telugu people.

Chandrababu explained that the Telugu Desam Party was born out of the idea of serving the Telugu nation. "The party that came out of the mind is the Telugu Desam Party. Even when the party was formed on that day, NTR did not hesitate to declare, 'The Telugu nation is mine. I am forming a party for that Telugu country... It was immediately announced that its name was Telugu Desam,'" he recounted.

According to Chandrababu, the colour yellow is considered auspicious, which is why NTR chose it for their party's flag. The TDP flag, he explained, features a farmer ploughing the land, ratnam workers, and a hut symbolizing the underprivileged. He also stated that the Telugu Desam Party has a long and rich history and will continue to serve the Telugu community.

Chandrababu emphasized that the Telugu Desam Party is committed to the welfare of all Telugu people, regardless of their social or economic background. The party's emblem, featuring the plough, ratnam workers, and hut, represents its dedication to uplift the marginalized and support the working class.

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