KTR comments on Amaravati

Telangana Minister K Taraka Rama Rao has once again demonstrated his commitment to Hyderabad's development by launching the 'Lakes Development Programme.' In his speech, KTR highlighted the role of HMDA in making Hyderabad the largest Urban Development Authority in the country. He contrasted Hyderabad's bustling activity with the lack of progress in Amaravati, which was once the biggest Urban Development Authority but has now been overtaken by Hyderabad. The minister cited several reasons for this, including the diligent work of HMDA.

But that wasn't all. KTR also shared an intriguing incident about a Malayalam film's shooting, where the makers of the movie incorrectly credited a road in Bengaluru instead of Hyderabad. Before KTR could raise objections, a Malayalee journalist in Hyderabad quickly tweeted that the road in question was indeed in Hyderabad.

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