9 PM Telugu News: 27th March 2023

9 PM Telugu News Headlines Dated 27th March 2023:-

* The central government has made a significant announcement regarding the Polavaram project's elevation, stating that the height of the dam will be 45.72 meters.

* The Supreme Court has reprimanded the CBI for the delay in the Viveka murder investigation.

* The Andhra Pradesh government has released an investor-friendly New Industrial Policy, which was launched by Industries Minister Gudivada Amaranth along with the YSR AP One App.

* In response to allegations of TSPSC paper leak, Minister KTR has challenged Revanth Reddy and Bandi Sanjay to provide proof. KTR claimed that no candidate in his Sircilla constituency had scored more than 100 marks.

* So far, 15 people have been arrested in connection with the TSPSC paper leak case.

* Rahul Gandhi has been given notice to vacate the Government Bungalow within a month following his disqualification as an MP.

* Uddhav Thackeray has warned Rahul Gandhi against insulting Veer Savarkar, and his faction has boycotted a Congress meeting over Rahul Gandhi's remarks about Savarkar.

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