Two people shot at California Gurdwara

A scuffle between two men at the Gurdwara Sacramento Sikh Society in California resulted in two people being shot on Sunday afternoon, according to reports. The Sacramento County police have ruled out the possibility of a hate crime in the incident.

The shooting took place at approximately 2:30 pm during the gurdwara's first Nagar Kirtan, a traditional neighbourhood celebration for Sikhism. Sgt Amar Gandhi, a spokesman for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, said that the altercation began as a hand-to-hand struggle between the two men, before escalating into a shooting.

According to Amar Gandhi, one of the men shot a friend of the other person involved in the fistfight, after which the second man involved in the scuffle opened fire upon the first man and fled. The police are currently searching for the second suspect.

Gandhi emphasized that the shooting was a result of a personal dispute between the two males who knew each other, and not related to a hate crime. He further stated that the investigation is ongoing and encouraged anyone with information related to the incident to come forward.

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