World's highest railway bridge over the Chenab River in Jammu and Kashmir- Deets Inside

Get ready to witness a breathtaking engineering masterpiece! The world's highest railway bridge, towering over the Chenab River in Jammu and Kashmir, is finally ready for rail traffic. Standing tall at a staggering height of 359m (1,178ft), this wonder of human ingenuity is 35m taller than the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris.

After a two-decade-long wait since its approval in 2003, the people of Jammu and Kashmir can finally rejoice. The bridge has passed all mandatory tests and is set to become a vital transport link for the region.

Engineers have faced immense challenges during the construction of this engineering marvel, which is considered the biggest civil-engineering challenge in recent Indian railway history. But their hard work and determination have paid off, and the bridge can withstand winds with speeds up to 260 kmph and has a lifespan of 120 years, officials say.

The bridge's construction is a testament to human ingenuity and perseverance. Over the last three years, engineers have worked tirelessly to build the arch with the help of two mammoth cable cranes installed on both banks of the Chenab. The bridge's stability and safety have been a top priority, leading to some delays in the project, but the wait has been worth it.

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