Rahul Gandhi changes Twitter bio, says he is 'Dis'Qualified MP'

The senior Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, is not letting a little disqualification dampen his fighting spirit. Just two days after getting the boot from Lok Sabha, he has revamped his Twitter bio with a sassy message, "Dis'Qualified MP."

Gandhi, who was sentenced to two years in jail on Thursday in the Modi surname defamation case, took a swing at Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a press conference on Saturday. Fearlessly, he accused the PM of colluding with the Adani Group and threatening the country's democracy.

"This is an official account of Rahul Gandhi, member of Indian National Congress and Dis'Qualified MP," his Twitter bio now reads, leaving no doubt about his current status.

Despite facing legal woes, Gandhi remains determined to keep the heat on Modi's questionable actions. With his bold new bio, he proves that he is not one to back down easily.

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