BJP leader Khushbu Sundar's old tweet on PM goes viral

New Delhi: BJP leader Khushbu Sundar is facing criticism over a tweet she made in 2018 that has resurfaced recently. The tweet in question targeted former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who was subsequently sentenced to two years in jail and disqualified from Parliament. In the tweet, Sundar suggested that the meaning of "Modi" should be changed to "corruption." She also accused Modi and his associates of being linked to corrupt activities.

The Congress has brought up the tweet again, causing controversy for Sundar. However, she defended her comments, stating that she was simply following the language and ideas of her former party at the time.

Sundar also accused the Congress of being "desperate" and using old tweets to attack her. The incident has sparked debate about the use of social media by politicians and the role of past comments in current controversies.

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