Security breach at PM Modi's rally in Karnataka

Karnataka: Officials reported a security breach at an election rally in Davanagere, Karnataka, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in attendance on Saturday. A man attempted to breach the barricade and approach the Prime Minister, but police and security personnel were able to intercept him before any harm was done.

The man, believed to be from Koppal, has been detained and questioned by police. Security measures were breached during the rally, but officials were able to prevent any further incident.

According to the Davangere Superintendent of Police C B Rishyanth, the incident at the election rally in Karnataka's Davanagere involving a man attempting to approach Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not a security breach. Rishyanth refused to classify the incident as a security breach, stating that the man was caught well before he could get close to the Prime Minister.

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