Nara Lokesh Alleges CM YS Jagan Remains Silent After M.L.C. Election Results

Nara Lokesh, the national general secretary of Telugu Desam Party, has been on a mission to connect with the people of Andhra Pradesh through his Yuva Galam Padayatra. After three days of rest, he resumed his padayatra from Obuladevaracheruvu, where he met and greeted a large number of locals who came out to support him.

Actor Nara Rohith also showed his support for Lokesh's mission, as he joined the padayatra and listened to the concerns of the people along the way.

In the evening, Nara Lokesh joined a public meeting in Puttaparthi, where he addressed the crowd and alleged that the recent M.L.C. election results had hit the CM YS Jagan hard, causing him to remain silent during his meeting in Denduluru.

As Lokesh's padayatra reaches its 50th day, he continues to connect with the people and listen to their concerns, showing his commitment to serving the people of Andhra Pradesh.

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