Rahul Gandhi loses cool; Calls journalist 'BJP man' after question on 'Modi Surname case'

In the aftermath of his disqualification from Lok Sabha due to his conviction in a defamation case, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi held a fiery press conference at the AICC headquarters in New Delhi. The conference saw Rahul Gandhi bring up his usual rhetoric, accusing the BJP of orchestrating his conviction and subsequent disqualification from the lower house to distract the people of India from the 'real' issues plaguing the country.

During the conference, Gandhi snapped at a journalist who questioned him about his conviction in the 'Modi surname' case. Calling him a 'BJP journalist', Rahul Gandhi said, "Don't pretend to be a pressman."

The press conference was held just a day after Rahul Gandhi's disqualification from Lok Sabha, and the Congress leader did not hold back in his criticism of the BJP. He accused the ruling party of using the legal system to target political opponents, stating that his conviction was nothing but a farce orchestrated by the BJP.

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