Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP of hiding Adani Group links, questions Rs 20,000 crore investment

New Delhi: During a press conference held at the party headquarters in New Delhi on Saturday at 1 pm, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP government of using his disqualification from the Lok Sabha as a tactic to divert attention from their association with the Adani Group.

Rahul Gandhi's disqualification came a day earlier after a Gujarat court convicted him in the 2019 'Modi surname' case. Speaking to the media during the press conference, Rahul Gandhi claimed that his disqualification was a mere distraction tactic by the BJP government.

"I just asked a specific set of questions in the Parliament. Who invested Rs 20,000 crore ($3 billion) in Adani's shell companies? Who's money is this?" Gandhi said.

He further highlighted that his only concern was to ask questions about the Adani Group and their financial dealings, which he believes are crucial questions that need to be answered. Rahul Gandhi stated that his disqualification was an attempt by the BJP government to silence his voice.

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