YCP Cadres attack MLA Undavalli Sridevi's office

Guntur: In a disturbing incident, the office of Tadikonda MLA Undavalli Sridevi was attacked by cadres of the YCP in the Guntur district. The attack resulted in torn flexi and banners at the MLA's office. The incident occurred after Sridevi was suspended from the party for voting against YCP in the MLC elections.

Eyewitnesses reported that YCP activists vandalized Sridevi's office and tore down banners and flexi in front of the building. The attack created tension near Sridevi's office, and YCP workers engaged in an argument with the police who tried to stop them. The activists threatened to suspend the police if they did not let them proceed.

Speaking on the matter, one of Sridevi's supporters stated that he had worked tirelessly for her victory and had even travelled with her for four years.

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