Family Feud: Manchu Lakshmi Breaks Silence on Clash Between Brothers Manoj and Vishnu

The feud between the Manchu brothers has escalated to new heights of drama! In a recent social media post, Manoj Manchu shared a jaw-dropping video of Vishnu Manchu engaged in a physical altercation with two men inside a house. The clip is now going viral, with Manoj accusing Vishnu of being a violent repeat offender. Although Manoj deleted the clip from his social media pages, the internet is buzzing with speculation about the bitter rift between the siblings.

Adding fuel to the fire, the siblings' sister, Manchu Lakshmi, has spoken out about the incident. When questioned by reporters, the actress attempted to distance herself from the explosive drama. "I was not aware of such an incident," she stated before pleading with the media to leave her alone. "Please don't embarrass me near my home. I'm busy hosting a lunch for my friends," she added.

The Manchu brothers' tumultuous relationship has hit an all-time low, leaving fans and followers wondering what could have caused this family feud

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