Revanth Reddy Slams Undemocratic Disqualification of Rahul Gandhi from Lok Sabha

The Telangana Congress President said that the Congress is fighting back against the undemocratic disqualification of Rahul Gandhi from Lok Sabha, and PM Modi is worried about the Adani probe.

The political landscape in India is heating up as the Telangana Congress President, Revanth Reddy, takes on the ruling BJP-led NDA government. In a fiery statement, Reddy condemned the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi from Lok Sabha and claimed that it is undemocratic. He added that the Congress would not be cowed down by such dastardly acts of PM Narendra Modi.

Reddy went on to say that the demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into the Adani issue is giving sleepless nights to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The senior party leader's 'Bharat Jodo Yatra' is also causing discomfort to the ruling party. Revanth Reddy has alleged that the BJP-led NDA government is trying to create fear among Congress leaders and other 18 political parties which have been raising their voice against the Adani scam issue. However, he boldly stated that the 140 crore people of the country will condemn the act of BJP.

Revanth Reddy compared Adani and PM Modi to a double engine and alleged that the BJP is conspiring to suppress the opposition. He added that Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi never wanted to become PM and hence putting weight on Rahul Gandhi with MP disqualification is not worrisome. He claimed that there is no fear for Congress and the party cadres will move forward with more enthusiasm.

The Congress party is now gearing up for a legal battle to defeat the "conspiracy" against them. Despite the setback, Revanth Reddy made it clear that neither the Congress party nor the Gandhi family would be intimidated by such acts. In a final blow to the ruling party, Revanth Reddy said that the Congress will continue to fight for the rights of the people and the country's democracy.

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