Manchu Manoj accuses brother Vishnu of physical assaults, shares video

The Manchu brothers, Manoj and Vishnu, are reportedly involved in a bitter dispute that has turned violent. As per reports, Manchu Vishnu is accused of attacking the residence of Saradhi, who works with Manchu Manoj. The incident was caught on video and shared by Manchu Manoj, in which Vishnu can be seen shouting and being held back by others.

In response to the alleged attack, Manchu Manoj also released a video accusing his brother of frequently visiting the house and physically assaulting people. According to sources, Manchu Manoj is planning to file a police complaint against his brother over the incident.

This public feud has caused concern among fans and colleagues of the Manchu brothers, who are a prominent film family in the Telugu film industry.

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