CBI Former Joint Director VV Lakshminarayana Open Heart With RK- Promo

Lakshminarayana, a former IPS officer and Joint Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), recently spoke about his fascinating journey in an interview promo for the program "Open Heart With RK." Lakshminarayana revealed that his last five years have been filled with interesting experiences through his association with people. When asked about his personal outlook, he described himself as a dangerously optimistic person.

During the interview, Lakshminarayana discussed his reasons for leaving a high-profile job in order to pursue social service. He also shared insights into his decision to abandon plans to form a political party in 2018. Lakshminarayana also provided his perspective on several cases, including the YS Vivekanand murder case and the recent Delhi Liquor case allegedly involving BRS MLC K Kavitha. Additionally, he hinted at his potential future in politics and even revealed a surprising twist regarding his potential party affiliation.

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