TDP's Panchumarthi Anuradha wins MLC elections

The recent AP MLC elections dealt a significant blow to the ruling party YSRCP as they suffered a major setback. TDP candidate Panchumarthi Anuradha emerged victorious, winning the election by with of 23 votes. It's worth noting that the TDP only had the support of 19 MLAs, meaning that Anuradha secured four additional votes, indicating that there was cross-voting from the ruling party. However, the identities of the four MLAs who voted against the ruling party are yet to be confirmed.

Reports suggest that two of the MLAs who cast their votes in favor of the TDP are Anam Ramanarayana Reddy and Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy. The identity of the remaining two MLAs who supported the opposition party remains a subject of curiosity. Anuradha's unexpected win has sparked excitement within the TDP ranks.

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