Anand Mahindra's viral video of a Deer-headed puppet and its master dancing to 'Naatu Naatu'

Hold onto your seats, folks! The business tycoon, Anand Mahindra, has set the internet ablaze with his latest share. The video clip showcases a mesmerizing marionette player and her puppet performing a jaw-dropping dance routine to the tunes of the Oscar-winning hit, "Naatu Naatu".

But wait, there's more! This is no ordinary puppet - it's a deer-headed marvel, wowing audiences with its impressive moves and fluidity. Mr. Mahindra was so captivated by the performance that he just had to share it with the world. In his caption, he expressed his awe and added that this incredible feat proves that "Naatu Naatu" is now a global sensation, with the whole world under its spell.

What's truly impressive is that the puppeteer and her creation move in perfect harmony, leaving us spellbound with every step. The video, which lasts over two minutes, shows the puppeteer's unmatched skills, as she makes her puppet glide effortlessly to the infectious beats of the hit song. And if that wasn't enough, the adorable deer puppet also nailed the hook step of the chart-topping tune!

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